Auto Repair in Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO is nicknamed “The Magic City” as it seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 1873. Moberly was originally a railroad town, the product of a railroad auction in 1866. The railroad remains important to this day. There’s a railroad museum in Moberly, MO, as well as the Magic City Line mini train that runs through Rothwell Park on Sundays. The roughly 14,000 residents of Moberly, MO enjoy a peaceful life with an emphasis on outdoor activities and leisure.

You can fish in one of several lakes, drop anchor in your boat, or hike the city’s many park trails. If you’re looking for auto repairs or service– whether as a Moberly resident or just passing through— you’ll find the name All-Star Automotive in Columbia coming up time and again. Our staff is friendly and inviting, and we perform accurate, honest vehicle repairs and maintenance. We’re conveniently located in Columbia, just 35 miles south of Moberly, MO.

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