Auto Repair in Midway, MO

Midway, MO

Midway, MO was once a village within Newton County, Missouri. Midway, MO shared its city limits with the city of Sunnyvale. Both Midway and Sunnyvale merged with the adjacent Joplin, and are now collectively the city of Joplin. Midway residents enjoy many outdoor activities nearby. From mountain biking to nature watching, renowned conservation areas such as Overton Bottoms Conservation Area and Diana Bend Conservation Area are a quick drive away.

Auto Repairs in Midway, MO were not found, due to the size of the village. Though Joplin is a bigger city, auto repairs are still lacking. Instead, other cities provided Midway, MO auto repairs. Among the most reputable auto repair shops is All-Star Automotive. Located at 7 N 1st St, All-Star Automotive has had a reputation for being a Midway, MO repair shop alternative for domestic and foreign vehicles. We enjoy educating our Midway, MO repair shop customers about anything related to their automobile. Through our education and superb auto repairs, we have built a reputation as a trusted repair shop and we look forward to providing you with the best auto repairs.

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